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        Coho nnabis

        Shuswap’s globally unique coho salmon and nnabis farm

        Watershed Sentinel Original Content

        By Jim Cooperman

        Cellular Agriculture

        The next technofix promises synthetic, cruelty-free “meat”

        Watershed Sentinel Original Content

        by élisabeth Abergel

        Biofuels: More Drain Than Gain

        Beyond the extra cost to consumers, biofuels sideline food production and distract from real climate solutions

        Watershed Sentinel Original Content

        by Kenneth Sigurdson

        Food Security

        Summer 2022

        As the perfect storm – climate change, inflation, speculation, war, pandemic… – exposes a globalized food system rife with vulnerabilities, billionaires and techno-optimists scramble for fixes. Solutions, however, are everywhere – and deep food security depends on solutions that are lol, distributed, and regionally-appropriate.

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        Watershed Sentinel Original Content

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